Social responsibility 2018

Focus on strategy and people

The role of HR is to drive, support and develop the organization´s capability ensuring that Nordic Morning Group has the right people in the right roles with the right competences to be able to do a great job. The company strategy is the starting point in building the desired capabilities, talent, leadership and culture.


Business transformation and growth have continued to be the dominant themes for the group in 2018. Restructuring operations, building the new organizational setup and helping employees adapt to change has required strong support from the HR function. Significant efforts have also been made in developing a dynamic, collaborative and results driven organizational culture where everyone can perform at their best. The long-term target for this culture work is to enhance self-leadership on all levels.

Creating a common value base and defining our Guiding Principles has been the core of the culture work in 2018. The work has been highly co-creative and the whole organization has been invited to participate and share their suggestions in several workshops and surveys throughout spring.

The managers have been provided workshops focusing on their role as leaders and the importance of role modelling the change and the desired behaviours. They have also been given hands-on training with useful tools for implementing the Guiding Principles.

After finalizing the Guiding Principles in early autumn, all employees have participated in manager led discussions aiming at familiarizing the team with the principles and making them understandable in their specific work context.

The implementation of the Principles is supported by designated culture ambassadors representing our business areas and offices. The culture ambassadors walk the talk and help the managers and HR department in making the Principles visible in the organization. Values in Action workshops were conducted as part of our onboarding process for newcomers. In these workshops newly recruited employees were guided by our Value Facilitators in identifying their own values and connecting them to the values of Nordic Morning Group.

The co-creative process of establishing the Group´s common values and Guiding Principles has been rewarding in many ways and it has created an effective framework for collaboration across teams, functions and units throughout the Group.

The Guiding Principles have also outlined what types of behaviour the organization needs in order to reach the desired culture. Self-leadership and accountability are abilities we clearly want to see more of at all levels in the future.

Consequently, self-leadership, accountability and personal efficiency where chosen as competence development themes for the autumn and the employees have participated in workshops where they have been provided means for increasing work efficiency and task prioritization. The managers where additionally trained in how to drive accountability in the organization and link the Action Plans to individual targets.


Accountability and personal efficiency will continue to be very much in focus during the first half of 2019 when the learnings are integrated with our performance management framework and the quarterly team leader-employee discussions.

To further support the desired cultural change, drive accountability and self-leadership, we will, during the coming year, strengthen coaching and feedback skills across the whole organization. Developing these competencies is highly relevant for everyone, and especially crucial for leaders who are expected to role model the desired behaviours and use them effectively both in daily interaction as well as in quarterly discussions.

By working purposefully with Talent Management and Talent Acquisition we plan to strengthen our talent pipeline and secure that we have strong candidates for future key positions.

Input for developing the organization will be gathered by a more thorough Employee Engagement survey that will be conducted in the spring.

Leader´s Roundtable gatherings will be arranged on a regular basis providing the managers a good forum for learning, information sharing and collegial support.

The ERP initiative will in long run provide us an opportunity to increase efficiency by implementing electronic workflows within the HR area. In 2019 we will get started by digitalizing the payroll related processes.


Be you. Be curious.

We trust and respect

Be an accountable daredevil!

Communicate, collaborate and co-create

Make wow-experiences and value every day

Fail fast, laugh, learn

HR strategy


The constant changes in today’s business environment and the surrounding world create a growing need for the continuous development of leadership. Leaders are to create a work environment that enables engagement and commitment in order to achieve good results, development, and innovation.

To create meaning at work in times of constant change, the leaders need to ensure there is a clear vision and direction, as well as conditions where employees thrive and succeed. Leaders need to perceive their employees as unique individuals and meet their needs for praise, encouragement, challenges, guidance, and support. We believe that leadership development is an ongoing process that creates the foundation for successful business operations.

Learning and Development

Learning and development at work is a critical success factor with regard to business growth. We constantly challenge ourselves and our working methods, and by doing that we are learning and developing, which enables compelling customer relationships and the development of a new kind of service offering.

Learning also makes work more meaningful and increases commitment to the company. We are building an environment in which every employee has the chance to learn something new every day and discover fresh ideas and perspectives. Through collaboration with colleagues, partners, and customers in various projects, we are constantly seeking to create value and creative solutions. In our culture, where learning is embedded, we want to develop our employees in goal-oriented, active, and diverse way.

Culture of Engagement

Attracting and securing the commitment of the best talents is a challenge in a world that is becoming increasingly transparent. Having the most interesting projects, best colleagues, and a positive spirit of getting things done are reflected externally in strong results and a consistent way of working, as well as in recommendations and referrals.

A culture of engagement and success creates meaning for each employee’s work. The key factors in this include the company’s values and mission, individuals having a clearly defined role as part of the bigger picture, high autonomy and a degree of influence, as well as feedback and continuous development. We believe that this kind of culture enables us to build a work environment that creates a strong commitment among the best talents in our industry.

Gender distribution of employees

Age distribution of employees in Group

Age distribution of employees

Business area under 30 years 30-50 years over 50 years
Nordic Morning 25% 64% 11%
Publishing 11% 54% 35%
Prima 1% 38% 61%
Other 13% 39% 48%


In 2018, the Group had an incentive program. No performance-based bonus was accrued under the incentive program in 2018.

The Group’s Board of Directors decided to award the CEO with an additional recognition of EUR 19 000.

The Board of Directors decided to award certain key persons, included in the incentive program, with an additional recognition of  EUR 38 000 in total.

The CEO and Group Executives incentive bonuses that accrued in 2018

 EUR 1 000CEOGroup ExecutivesTotal
Short-term incentive program 0 0 0
Long-term incentive program 0 0 0
Additional recognition 19 38 57
Total 19 38 57